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WordPress Font Plugins are here. I´m a Geek ( with an upper case G ), so I prefer to go into my selected theme’s child theme, and edit the CSS right in there. But even a code Geek like me loves a good WordPress Font Plugin. I have been using WordPress for a long time, and I always wanted to select some text, change the font, change the color, change the point size, give it a 3D effect and more. But until now, there was no help on the horizon.

Now, if you are looking for WordPress Font Plugins, then you are in luck. And in this video, “Wordpress Font Plugins,” We will share with you two plugins that will make your day and save you time and money.

The down side is that just like learning anything, some of these WordPress Font Plugins take an hour or two to figure out how they really work. Some of the WordPress Font Plugins crash with your theme and shut down some of your theme options. Some of the WordPress Font Plugins actually crash the function of your style.css file in your theme´s, child theme. Thus, when exploring your WordPress Font Plugins, you must be cautious.

In this video, we share with you two WordPress Font Plugins that you can download and install for free on the interned. The first is called, “Easy Google Fonts.” It is kind of easy, and it comes a long way from what you used to be able to do with fonts in WordPress. The thing I really like about this plugin is that it comes with a 5 minute video that actually shows you how it works. And for you English speaking people, the video is actually in English.

Also, to move you ahead when working with WordPress font plugins, we briefly review, “Wordpress Fonts.” Yeap, that is what it is called. This one is kind of freaky, but it has a place on my dashboard.