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WordPress or Dreamweaver?

WordPress or Dreamweaver? I´ve been using and teaching Adobe Dreamweaver since the year 1999. I have taught, literally thousands of people Adobe Dreamweaver ( of course, back in the day, Macromedia Dreamweaver ). To this day, I have a successful group of clients that use Dreamweaver and students that want to learn Dreamweaver.

Personally I have many web sites. I have about 5 Dreamweaver sites, some Dreamweaverish, using Php in a wanna be fashion. But then I have about 5 WordPress sites.

Small business owners and people that are starting businesses come to me from around the world and they want me to teach them Dreamweaver. 99.99% of these people don´t know html or css. In the back of my mind I´m thinking, “Wordpress or Dreamweaver?”

In my heart, I know that these newbies would be much better off with WordPress unless they are really serious about taking weeks to truly understand and be confident in the writing of html5 and css3.

The conversation goes on between me and this web newbie business owner and I´m thinking about the question, “Wordpress or Dreamweaver.”

Finally, I bring it up. I ask them, “Have you ever heard of WordPress?” I have asked this question to hundreds of newbies. The response is always a negative one. It´s like I was telling them to buy the Pinto instead of the Jaguar.

WordPress or Dreamweaver? This video covers the basic difference between WordPress and Dreamweaver. It is one of the introduction videos in my “Learning WordPress, a Video Tutorial Series.”

I have a home on all my computers for both applications and I use both, all day everyday. I hope that this video will help my subscribers understand the difference between the two and help them answer the question, “Wordpress or Dreamweaver?”

This is one of the beginning videos going in depth into WordPress, WordPress Themes, Plugins, Widgets, Posts, Pages, SEO methods and more.

Enjoy, “ WordPress or Dreamweaver?”

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