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WordPress Permilinks

Wordpress PermilinksWordPress Permilinks

WordPress Permilinks. What the heck are they? Why is it so important to understand what they are for at least 5 minutes of your web development life? How can this 5 minutes of your life be beneficial to you? Let’s begin.

As you well know, WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System). All of your pictures and pages get stored into a database with the help of a code called PHP. Ok, maybe you don´t care, but I need to use up 300 words to help this page’s SEO so hold tight, I’m getting to What is a WordPress Permilink.

When WordPress saves your page, by default, it gives it a code name. By default, the code name is something like ?p-1234kuxymgxy339,,,,, something like that.

Imagine that you make a page today, and next week you want to link a new page to “….” How are you going to remember that, let alone type it out.

Time changes and the capacity and needs of WordPress users have changed also. Today, people like to just call their pages something like;

That makes a little more sense doesn’t it?

There is a little button hidden a in special, secret little place that will let you get this done.

Why would you want to change the default settings of the WordPress Permilinks?

If you are having a wedding, or if your site will only be up for a month and you don’t care if anyone will ever see it, then don’t worry about it. But if you are serious about your web site and people finding it on Google, then you want to know where the little secret button is and take advantage of the little button’s, super powers.

In this video, we share with you how to change your url titles so that they make sense. This is what changing WordPress Permilinks is all about.