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WordPress Video Tutorials

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Wordpress Video TutorialsWordPress Video Tutorials

Welcome to the Bill the Geek, WordPress Video Tutorials Series. This WordPress Video Tutorials series is part of the Bill the Geek Three Pack, sharing with you WordPress (CMS), Dreamweaver (for editing the WordPress CSS and PHP), and Photoshop ( for editing and manipulating images ). With this power suite of videos, you will be on your way to conquering the land of All things Web.

In our WordPress Video Tutorials, we get you up and running quickly with WordPress. WordPress is so easy, it is just plain hard to manipulate in the beginning. Even after you understand much of what WordPress can do, accomplishing your end goals can become confusing. These WordPress Video Tutorials clear the fog, allowing you to move ahead with your digital expression with total confidence.

When you venture off into the land of WordPress, some concepts are blurry. What is the difference between a WordPress Plugin and a WordPress Widget? How do you install a Widget? What WordPress Theme should I select? Should I pay for a WordPress Theme? How can I edit the structure of a WordPress Theme? This WordPress Video Tutorials series gives you direct answers that clear the fog and help you have the right questions answered before you spend months with a Theme, Plugin or Widget that should never have been in your tool box.

Why Do These WordPress Video Tutorials give me access to Dreamweaver Tutorials?

Yes, with these WordPress Video Tutorials, we include the complete Adobe Dreamweaver Video Tutorial series also. WordPress is built on Html, CSS and PHP. Yes, this is the age of code fear for many, but for those of you that want to control your personal or business web site, understanding Html, CSS and a little Php can come in quite handy. Adobe Dreamweaver CC is the premiere, web site code editing tool.

Why Do These WordPress Video Tutorials provide access to Adobe Photoshop CC video Tutorials?

Got Pictures? Adobe Photoshop CC is the best image editing and manipulation tool. Learning to use the professional’s tool gives you complete freedom to convey a visual message to your web site viewer. How many times have you heard, “A Picture is worth a thousand words.” In this WordPress Video Tutorials Series we provide you with the Photoshop Quick Start series. This series drops you right into Photoshop and shows you how to control the Photoshop tools most effectively by image editing professionals around the world.

The Bill the Geek, WordPress Video Tutorials Series

There Ya go. For $25 a year, the cost of one fifth of a nike tennis shoe, you will have web design at your finger tips forever. Our WordPress Video Tutorials were created by someone that does web design day in and day out. Our WordPress Video Tutorials are created to clear, fun and effective training tools. With the viewing of our WordPress Video Tutorials Series and the application of the concepts in practice, you will understand how to design and be in control of WordPress. Control Freaks Are Us!